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Collaborative Working

Attention to Retail Ltd aims to bring together expertise across the field of management consultancy to provide tailored solutions for clients. Collaborative working partnerships allow professional independent consultants a platform for pitching to large corporations and multinational clients that would otherwise not be available to them.

Independent consultants are able to stay at the cutting edge of the field by remaining constantly flexible to the demands of business. Attention to Retail Ltd aims to harness the relevant expertise from across the UK to ensure that clients receive a tailored, professional consultancy solution.

The concept of collaborative working partnerships is relatively new in the UK and Attention to Retail Ltd are excited to be once again pushing the boundaries to help businesses succeed. There are a couple of organisations beginning to explore the possibilities and it is anticipated that this way of working will become the norm within the next few years. The reasons for this are mainly that the way we work is changing - it is becoming more and more essential due to the prevailing economic conditions, to maximise the potential of all workers. Those who can react to market changes flexibly and dynamically will be successful and because our network is essentially a large group of independent consultants, Attention to Retail Ltd has the ability to provide those tailored solutions quickly, professionally and effectively.

If business in the UK is to withstand the effects of economic recession, then we need to realise the full potential of collaborative working.

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