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Project Plan Section  
There is a detailed project plan in place and actively monitored on a regular basis
There is a detailed budget in place and actively monitored
Resource needs (who, when) understood and specified in the project plan
Project plan fully covers all relevant areas (technology, processes, people)
Critical path is identified on the Project Plan
Project Resources Section  
There are sufficient project team members available to complete the project
There are sufficient business and or user resources available to confirm design, functionality, UAT etc
Roles and responsibilities clearly understood by all project team members
Appropriate technology available, effective and fully supported
Contingency allocated to cover resource holidays, illness etc
Project Stakeholders Section  
Stakeholders given the opportunity to provide effective input early in the project
Stakeholders accept ownership of the project objectives
Project success criteria agreed by all stakeholders and project sponsors
Limitations of the project (what the project will not do) understood by stakeholders
Regular meetings/updates held with stakeholders
Project Business Case  
Project fully costed and budgets/funding agreed with the sponsor
Estimates of the financial and commercial benefits of the project in place
Return on investment analysis complete, presented to sponsors and agreed
Processes in place or planned to measure benefits of project
Is the business need for the project clearly understood by all involved
Project Expertise  
All members of the project team have appropriate levels of expertise
Project team and users capable of implementing project deliverables within the business
Accountabilities for team members written down, understood and agreed
Adequate training (and time for training) incorporated within project scope and schedule
Qualified trainers within project team to compile and deliver training objectives
Project Objectives  
Objectives of the project clear to all stakeholders and members of the project team
Objectives of the project in line with corporate goals and corporate standards
Objectives of the project widely supported within both the project team and the business
Adequate documentation of the project requirements and operational performance needs
Project objectives are clearly defined in the success criteria
Project Sponsorship  
Project sponsor(s) are clearly defined in relevant documentation
Project team are aware of project sponsorship
Project sponsor shares accountability with project team for ensuring the project`s success
Project sponsor fully committed to the project's success
Project sponsor(s) have a clear view of project objectives, timescales and costs
Project Governance  
Clear, exact and published reporting structures in place for duration of the project
Regular "steering meetings" held with relevant sponsors and stakeholders present
Governance "gates" in place for each phase of the project
Change control procedures and logging in place and strictly adhered to
Decision makers clearly identified and regularly briefed on project progress