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Learning and Organisational Development

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s often said that it’s all about the people - how you recruit them, how you manage them, how you develop them and how you engage them. It’s about ensuring that those people are using all their skills in a way that both clearly aligns to your business objectives and motivates them to continually strive for more. And that means understanding what makes them tick. Our business and people planning tool - GOSPA® - helps you to do just that – gets everyone on the same page.

It’s often the workforce that bears the brunt of doing more with less, so it’s important to spend some quality time taking a look at their needs for your business. Attention to Retail Ltd offers a complete learning & organisational development consultancy service. From how to recruit the right people to how to keep them motivated, engaged and really making a difference to your business, Attention to Retail Ltd will keep you moving in the right direction.

• Business & People planning workshops with GOSPA®

• Vision & Values Workshops

• Consultancy in employee engagement & performance management

• Design, development and implementation of training, coaching and mentoring

• Consultancy in Leadership Training & Team Building

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